Print swap

Print swap are an easy, cheap and fun way to get hold of other photographers' photos. So, in case someone is interested to join in a print swap with me, just _email me_.

To make the swap an enjoyable event, I think it's necessary to set some rules (binding for both me and you). Here they are (courtesy of Tom O'Meara).

Please keep in mind the idea and guiding principal here is to share photographs among friends and fellow (amateur) photographers. It is not a competition, nor is it intended as a vehicle to embarrass someone. If you do not care for the photograph you receive, please consider it just one of life's minor (very minor) annoyances and move on without comment. I am sure the participants, gentlemen and gentlewomen all, do not need to be told the above but it bears posting so everyone knows the ground rules.

By agreeing to participate, you agree to abide by the rules.

That is a simple statement. There is no fine print, and with your usual good grace you will be expected to abide by these guidelines. If you cannot, please do not subscribe to the swap.

Here are the current guidelines:

1. Size: The shortest dimension should be about 8 inches or 20cm. This rule is somewhat flexible as prints may be trimmed with slight variations. Please abide by the spirit of the rule however and keep prints close to this minimum size. 8 Inch square prints are allowed.

2. Type: B&W or Color is acceptable. Prints may be produced by the individual, a lab, or via archival inkjet. Note: Prints from wet process or a lab are strongly recommended as there is no question regarding their archival properties. Furthermore, they are so inexpensive nowadays that there is little reason to use inkjet. However, if you feel your work is best represented by printing on your personal archival inkjet, by all means feel free to participate.

3. Mounts: There is no requirement to mount prints in this swap. However, mounted prints are not prohibited.

4. Scope: This swap is international in scope. PLEASE NOTE: this means you may have to send your print to another country or even continent (I live in Amsterdam, Holland). This may make postage more expensive but international postage is really insignificant for prints the size in question. If you do not want to ship internationally, please, do not participate.

5. Camera: Use any camera you like.

6. Deadline: Once we have agreed to continu the swap, you have 2 weeks to ship the print. This is a hard and fast rule and if you cannot make the deadline, do not sign up for the swap.

7. Picture information: An interesting aspect of a swap like this is the exchange of information regarding the shot. Please include with your photo any data that you may have recorded. Technical data (camera, lighting, metering, etc.) is encouraged but not required. A short story adds additional sentiment.

8. Signing the print: Standard artists' protocol applies. They are: if the print is mounted, date and sign on the mount below the lower right corner (facing the print). If the photo has a title, it goes below the lower left corner of the print. If the print is unmounted, sign in the lower border, just as you would if mounted. (The use of Gel pens is considered bad form and amateurish in art markets. However, with today's resin coated papers, the thin line Sharpie Markers may be used just as you would a pencil to sign a print.)

10. The last rule: You are hereby required to derive fun and enjoyment doing this. :)

If you wish to participate, and agree to abide by the above guidelines, then _email me_ the below information:

- Your name
- Your mailing address (your postal address, include country codes, etc.)
- Your email address (only necessary if different than the one used to respond to this call)

NOTE: In the header of your email (on the subject line) put "Print Swap" so I can sort things in my email system.

Have fun!

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New York City photos

The story behind these photos is as follows. My brother and his girlfriend were to stay in New York City for about three months. One Tuesday evening, my brother called me to ask when I was coming over for a long weekend. I told him that if I was going to New York at all it would have to wait another two months or so. "No. You've got to come this weekend or the one after that. Otherwise we'll be too busy. And by-the-way, I sent you enough money to order a ticket right now!", he replied. There's no sense in argueing when you're up against such strong resistence. After a short powwow with my wife, I was allowed to go. The next Friday I was in New York City.

New York deli
Order a 20cm x 30cm glossy print for Eu 25,-- or a matte print for Eu 32,50.

New York Times Square
Order a 20cm x 30cm glossy print for Eu 25,-- or a matte print for Eu 32,50.

New York night view 1
Order a 20cm x 30cm glossy print for Eu 25,-- or a matte print for Eu 32,50.

New York night view 2
Order a 20cm x 30cm glossy print for Eu 25,-- or a matte print for Eu 32,50.

New York night view 3
Order a 20cm x 30cm glossy print for Eu 25,-- or a matte print for Eu 32,50.

New York night view 4
Order a 20cm x 30cm glossy print for Eu 25,-- or a matte print for Eu 32,50.

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Price list

My price list is short and it's very well possible that you have wishes that are not reflected in the price list. If that's the case, don't hesitate to _email me_.

Price list
10cm x 15cm4,--5,--
13cm x 18cm6,508,50
15cm x 21cm7,5013,50
20cm x 25cm22,5027,50
20cm x 30cm25,--32,50

All prices are in Euro.

Due to several poor experiences I don't send my photos matted or framed. Not only is it expensive, the risk that the matted/ framed print gets damaged in the mail is too big. Horror stories abound, and my experiences aren't much better.

The above prices do not include postage, packaging, shipping and -when desired- registration or insurance. These will be calculated at the time of ordering.

For shipping within Holland, I recommend the regular mail service. For shipping to Europe, Asia and North America I recommend priority mail (with or without registration and/or insurance).

Please allow about 5 working days for your order to be fulfilled. For matte prints allow a few days more. Large or odd sized orders are subject to "availability". All orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Shipping times depend on destination, shipping method and local mail services.

I do not ship via courier services unless the costs are advanced by you! This because courier shipping is very expensive. I also find this shipping method not worth the money over priority mail.

I recommend using registration and insurance for larger and/or more valuable orders. For orders to areas with less-reliable mail services or to less common shipping destinations, I must insist on both registration and insurance.

At the moment I can only accept payments through regular bank transfer if you live in Holland, through IBAN number if you live in the EU, or through PayPal.

For questions, remarks and orders, please _email me_.

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Print shop open now

Welcome to the newly opened Shards of Photography print shop!

Here you can order prints of my photos. Apart from the selection offered here, you can also order prints of photos that you find on the Shards of Photography blog or in the Shards of Photography photo portfolio.

For your orders and questions you can _email me_